07 July 2018

Gold and Silver Holdings of Trusts and Funds - Price Manipulation: The Thing Speaks For Itself

Dangerous leverage in the gold markets seems to be pressing the ready supply of physical gold, even prompting withdrawals and redemptions from the trust and funds on relatively small price swings, as opposed to the silver market where supply is adequate.

If there is a dislocation in the physical gold market, which some have suggested as a possible outcome, then res ipsa loquitur. 'the thing speaks for itself'. 

There should be little surprise or debate with regard to the negligence of the regulators of the markets and those engaging in price manipulation including the Fed, the SEC, and the CFTC. 

The market price manipulators have been too long free to act with near impunity, much as Bernie Madoff had been able to do before his own price manipulation scheme toppled over, with the regulators and the Banks turning a blind eye to systematic fraud.