09 July 2018

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - A Quiet Summer Day

Stocks finished higher as the market shrugged off any concerns about trade wars.

Gold and silver finished slightly higher on a weaker dollar.

We will be getting some inflation data with the PPI and CPI later this week.

The Jersey sweet corn from local farms is available now.  I guess there is some benefit to this hot summer.  The tomatoes still seem to be shipped or from greenhouses though.   I meant to ask them about when real field ripened tomatoes would be ready.

I have not planted a garden this year.  I am fortunate enough to be able to walk around on his knee and get some yardwork done.   Did I mention I love my John Deere lawn tractor?  lol.   I cut back the hedges, and just use the JD with bagger to chop and clean it all up.  No raking for this guy.  Autumn leaves?  Bring it.

If for some reason what I write displeases you all that much, if we cannot agree to disagree, if you cannot bear to hear even reasoned criticism of something because you are so emotionally invested in it, then it is probably better not to read it here and feel all put out.  Can you not bear to know that some people do not agree with you?  Well, there seems to be a lot of that going around.

But it is not reasonable to expect me to change my conscience, pervert my own reason, and dishonor my own commitments just to please you or flatter your choices.  There are many places where you can obtain that kind of validation, and can find even your basest emotions affirmed, and a catharsis achieved.

But after a time you may not be able to bear reading or hearing anything to the contrary.  And that is a story and a sign in itself.  I can remember a time during the early days before the Iraq war that I could not bear to watch anything but Fox News, because I wanted to believe so badly in what we were doing, even though it did not make sense, it did not hold together.

I got caught by surprise.  I had been known for my skepticism, and had made most of my successes by piercing through the veils of lies in business and the markets.  I think I fell for this because we were emotionally vulnerable;  9/11 was not an abstraction for our little town, on a commuter rail line to the City.  My wife was caring for children in case their parents did not show up to take them home from school that afternoon.

And with time it was revealed to be a delusion based on falsehoods.   And I have an obligation not to allow myself to fall into that sort of self-deceiving trap again.  Especially if I wish to continue placing my money in the markets, although that is less of a consideration these days.  Now it is all about commitment to something greater than myself.

I write what I do because I believe it, and have come to it by thinking for myself, not because I want or get anything from you.  I accept nothing from anyone for any of this.   I am discharging a pledge I made long ago out of gratitude, and thankful recognition of His tender mercies. 

And if that is not enough for a person to speak their mind with reason and careful civility, well then, it is a brave new world we are creating indeed.

Have a pleasant evening.