24 June 2019

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - What Do Bonds and Gold Know That Stocks Don't?

Daniel 5:25  מנא ,מנא, תקל, ופרסין (Mene, Mene, Tekel u'Pharsin)
"A baited banker thus desponds,
From his own hand foresees his fall,
They have his soul, who have his bonds;
'Tis like the writing on the wall.

How will the caitiff wretch be scared,
When first he finds himself awake
At the last trumpet, unprepared,
And all his grand account to make!

For in that universal call,
Few bankers will to heaven be mounters;
They'll cry, 'Ye shops, upon us fall!
Conceal and cover us, ye counters!'

When other hands the scales shall hold,
And they, in men's and angels' sight
Produced with all their bills and gold,
'Weigh'd in the balance and found light!'

Jonathan Swift, A Run Upon the Bankers

Gold continued to move higher, closing around the $1420 mark. Silver is at $15.50.

The dollar moved slightly lower, giving up the 96 handle.

Stocks appeared skittish and hesitant, moving in a tight range around the open.

Geopolitical events *finally* seem to be weighing on the risk consciousness of bully.

There will be a precious metals option expiration on the Comex this week.

The G20 meeting is coming up this weekend at Osaka. Eyes are on the US and China presidents.

Have a pleasant evening.