15 July 2019

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Wehret den Anfängen - Indicators Flashing Red

"To reduce a complex argument to its bare bones, since the Depression, the twin forces of managed democracy and Superpower have opened the way for something new under the sun: 'inverted totalitarianism,' a form every bit as totalistic as the classical version but one based on internalized co-optation, the appearance of freedom, political disengagement rather than mass mobilization, and relying more on “private media” than on public agencies to disseminate propaganda that reinforces the official version of events.

It is inverted because it does not require the use of coercion, police power and a messianic ideology as in the Nazi, Fascist and Stalinist versions (although note that the United States has the highest percentage of its citizens in prison — 751 per 100,000 people — of any nation on Earth). According to Wolin, inverted totalitarianism has 'emerged imperceptibly, unpremeditatedly, and in seeming unbroken continuity with the nation’s political traditions.'

The main objectives of managed democracy are to increase the profits of large corporations, dismantle the institutions of social democracy (Social Security, unions, welfare, public health services, public housing and so forth), and roll back the social and political ideals of the New Deal. Its primary tool is privatization [and deregulation].

Chalmers Johnson, Inverted Totalitarianism: A New Way of Understanding How the U.S. Is Controlled

“Be the person that your dog thinks you are.”

George Eliot aka Mary Ann Evans

This is what they call the 'dog days' of summer market trading.

Even the spokesmodels pom-poms were drooping today along with volumes, although they did manage a 'new highs' exclamation after the close.

And yes, stocks were marginally higher on light volumes.

Gold and silver were pretty much unchanged as the Dollar and Bonds moved a tad higher.

What is the old saying of Jesse Livermore? 'Never short a dull market.'

Citibank turned in lackluster results today, with profits based largely on one timers and cost cutting. The banking sector was a drag all day, although Citi managed to gain some ground finally. Go figure.

Gold continues to wind within a symmetrical triangle. Stocks continue to drift higher on lazy algo pumping.

The darkness continues to spread and gain force, as the unspeakable slowly becomes customary, and then finally acceptable.   If you to wish to never see that madness again, then wehret den anfängen, stop it in the beginning. 

I have included two charts immediately below that suggest that a global recession is on the horizon.

I was busy with people working here all day.  I really don't like to have anyone come over and do these things, but sometimes you just have to do it.

I had not expected them to come today, but they called early this morning and said they had a cancellation so would I like to have them come over.   It was ok with me.  I like to get these things done and over.

But besides directing traffic,  I did manage to keep busy with many little things that have been on my 'to do' list, now that most of the big things have been done.

But as you well know, when working outside in this kind of heat and humidity it does not take long before the thought of an ice cold glass of tonic water and lime on ice becomes an almost irresistible attraction.

Need little, want less, love more. For those who abide in love abide in God, and God in them.

AC /on.

Have a cool and pleasant evening.