16 July 2019

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Snakes and Ladders Economy - Stock Option Expiration on Friday

“Psychopathic workers very often were identified as the source of departmental conflicts, in many cases, purposely setting people up in conflict with each other.   The most debilitating characteristic of even the most well-behaved psychopath is the inability to form a workable team."

Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, Snakes in Suits

"What is good?  All that enhances the feeling of power, the Will to Power, and the power itself in man.  What is bad?  All that proceeds from weakness.  What is happiness?  The feeling that power is increasing— that resistance has been overcome.  Not contentment, but more power; not peace at any price, but war; not virtue, but competence.

The first principle of our humanism is that the weak and the failures shall perish.  And they ought to be helped to perish.  What is more harmful than any vice?  Active pity for all failure and weakness — Christianity."

Friedrich Nietzsche

"I’m not against business, or profits, or becoming wealthy. I have no problem with people becoming billionaires—if they got there by winning a fair race, if their accomplishments merit it, if they pay their fair share of taxes, and if they don’t corrupt their society.   But that’s not how most of the people mentioned in this book became wealthy.

Most of them became wealthy by being well connected and crooked.  And they are creating a society in which they can commit hugely damaging economic crimes with impunity, and in which only children of the wealthy have the opportunity to become successful. That’s what I have a problem with. And I think most people agree with me."

Charles Ferguson

Satan and his Antichrist
"Satan’s monomaniac concern with himself and his supposed rights and wrongs is a necessity of the Satanic predicament. Certainly, he has no choice. He has chosen to have no choice. He has wished to ‘be himself,’ and to be in himself and for himself, and his wish has been granted.  To admire Satan, then, is to give one’s vote not only for a world of misery, but also for a world of lies and propaganda, of wishful thinking, of incessant autobiography."

C. S. Lewis

Stocks wobbled a bit today, while the US Dollar gained.

Gold was off, falling back towards the lower bound of its symmetrical triangle.

Silver managed to add a bit to its recent stealth rally.

There will be a stock option expiration for July this Friday.

Shenanigans are underway, as is usual in our perversely bent financial system.

There was intraday commentary here about the early 20th century program in Germany to kill the elderly, the infirm, the depressed, the mentally and physically disabled, the dissident, homosexuals, and the homeless for the sake of reducing costs and increasing profits.

Don't turn away again and move on. 

Look, and see what The Market demands, what its predators, narcissists, and infantile sociopaths promote, and what you too, in the end, may become.