06 May 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Stocks Fizzle - Non-Farm Payrolls Report Coming

"Bullies are not as sophisticated or as smooth as the manipulative type, as they rely on coercion, abuse, humiliation, harassment, aggression, and fear to get their way.  Psychopathic bullies do not feel remorse, guilt, or empathy. They lack any insight into their own behavior, and seem unwilling or unable to moderate it, even when it is to their own advantage.

They are adept at manipulating people—pulling the strings—from a distance, in order to get those directly under their control to abuse or bully those lower down in the organization. Because they see most people as weak, inferior, and easy to deceive, psychopathic con artists will often tell you that their victims deserved what they got."

Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, Snakes in Suits

Stocks took a run at another day of gains, but pretty much gave them all up into the close, going out on the lows.

Except for big cap tech of course. Digital will save us.

Gold took a real shot, in part because of a stronger dollar, but mostly as anticipated with a Non-Farm Payrolls Report coming up on Friday.

I am wondering if we get the hit up front, and then gold bases and resumes its rally with the news.

Well, we will have to see on this. It's not like fundamentals are driving much.

Have a pleasant evening.