23 June 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Into the Dog Days - Gold Breaking Out, Stocks Pop and Flop

"Gold will be around, gold will be money when the dollar and the euro and the yuan and the ringgit are mere memories."

Richard Russell

"Those entrapped by the herd instinct are drowned in the deluges of history. But there are always the few who observe, reason, and take precautions, and thus escape the flood. For these few gold has been the asset of last resort."

Antony C. Sutton

“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

Leo Tolstoy

Gold made a move to break out of its consolidation pattern today with a clean close above overhead resistance.

Silver held a close over 18.

Stocks were running like gangbusters after a late night selloff.

Alas, only the new era stocks in big cap tech held a gain, with the SP 500 futures finishing unchanged.

There will be a Comex metals option expiration on the 25th.

July is not a very active contract for gold, with August being the big month before December.

Silver may show a little more impact for July.

But these are crazy, volatile markets driven by hot money and automated trading.

I went to the dentist today for the first time this year, thanks to the lockdowns. It is nice to be able to get your teeth cleaned and a haircut.

This coronavirus will be remembered for years and years to come, in the same category as the 'Spanish Flu.'

It is not over yet.

Have a pleasant evening.