05 June 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Sowing the Wind

"A narcissist will deliberately damage other people in pursuit of their own selfish desires, but may regret and will in some circumstances show remorse for doing so, while a malignant narcissist will harm others and enjoy doing so, showing little empathy or regret for the damage they have caused.”

John D. Garner

“Power not only corrupts but also magnifies existing psychopathologies, even as it creates new ones.  Fostered by the flattery of underlings and the chants of crowds, a political leader’s grandiosity may morph into grotesque delusions of grandeur. Sociopathic traits may be amplified as the leader discovers that he can violate the norms of civil society and even commit crimes with impunity.  And the leader who rules through fear, lies, and betrayal may become increasingly isolated and paranoid, as the loyalty of even his closest confidants must forever be suspect.”

Bandy X Lee

The Non-Farm Payrolls report was a joke.

It must have been because the sock puppets and spokesmodels on bubblevision were chuckling about it all day.

The NDX set a new high, and the foundation for the next blow off top.

The SP also moved higher, but is lagging the big cap tech.

Gold and silver were just hammered. They are clearing on the longs in the June futures contracts for gold and silver.

JPM was just given a few million dollar fine (more like a tip than a wristslap) for rigging the Mexican bond market.

So why not just go with the story of the miracle recovery, and pump stocks and hammer the metals?

This is a very effective way to transfer huge amounts of public money from the Fed to the one percent, and then sticking the public with the check.

Draining the swamp. Yeah.

Wait for it. The setup is here but perhaps not fully ripe.

And then we will see things fall apart. Especially if it looks like the Democrats will take the November elections.

Have a great weekend.