25 September 2020

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Bounce or Bottom?


"The period of financial distress is a gradual decline after the peak of a speculative bubble that precedes the final and massive panic and crash, driven by the insiders having exited but the sucker outsiders hanging on hoping for a revival, but finally giving up in the final collapse."

Charles Kindelberger, Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises

"The sense of responsibility in the financial community for the community as a whole is not small.  It is nearly nil.  Perhaps this is inherent.  In a community where the primary concern is making money, one of the necessary rules is to live and let live.  To speak out against madness may be to ruin those who have succumbed to it.  So the wise in Wall Street [and in the professional and credentialed class] are nearly always silent."

John Kenneth Galbraith, The Great Crash of 1929


Stocks had a decent bounce off their retest of their Fibonacci support level. 

We will have to see follow through, or not, to determine if this is just a counter trend bounce or a legitimate short term bottom.

Gold and silver were slightly lower.  I was expecting something like this, but more profound, as a final cleaning up on the longs who are hold October contracts.

The Dollar edged marginally higher.

Let's see what next week brings.

Have a pleasant weekend.