16 July 2021

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Just Another Stock Option Expiration


"What makes the silver (and gold) manipulation the perfect crime are a number of elements; short term price control through High Frequency Trading, compliant regulators and the fact that most victims don’t even realize they are being had, as the sellers are mostly just reacting to the deliberately-set lower prices.

It’s hard to end an ongoing crime in progress when so many don’t realize it is in progress. 

Worse, there are still some who profess that there is no manipulation underway. And for the few who do realize what’s really going on, what can you do about it when the regulators are in bed with the manipulators? 

Perhaps the options are limited, but that’s not the same as non-existent." 

Ted Butler, Busting the Perfect Crime 


Gold and silver in particular were hammered lower. 

The dollar was slightly higher. 

Stocks were weak and gave up some crowd centered in the story stocks. 

Looks like another stock option expiration. 

What a surprise.

Have a pleasant weekend.