12 October 2021

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Die Firmenbierleichen - Chairman Jay's Endless Oktoberfest


“The four most dangerous words in investing are: ‘This time it’s different.'” 

 John Templeton 


“A bull market is like sex.  It feels best just before it ends.” 

Barton Biggs 


“The most dangerous people in the world are very smart traders who have never gotten their teeth kicked in.”

F. Helmut Weymar


“I put two children through Harvard by trading options.   Unfortunately, they were my broker’s children.” 

Jason Zweig


 Stocks tried to rally today, and fell back into the red by the close, again. 

This is starting to feel like a thing. 

After the bell Apple slashed its i-Phone production estimate because of chip shortages. 

Gold managed to hang on to a bit of its own rally today.

Silver fell slightly.

The dollar moved higher again in a 'flight to safety.'

An analyst on the least weird financial television channel cited Bitcoin as a 'flight to safety' from Treasuries, referencing the recent debt limit discussions.  

Bitcoin is gold and ethereum is silver, says he.

This is nuts, say I.    

We will be getting US inflation data tomorrow.

A good chunk of physical gold in Hong Kong took a hike.

Stock option expiration on Friday.

And as they say, 'The Fed will not allow the stock market to go down.'

Sleep well.

Have a pleasant evening.