28 January 2022

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Let It Snow - Bomb Cyclone Nor'easter Rolls Up the Coast


"Unfortunately there is a small but powerful oligopoly of privilege that is trying to project themselves onto the global stage while believing that they are immune to ordinary consequence, and have become addicted to the notion that 'others must pay' for their failures. 

Moral hazard comes from rewarding bad behaviour in markets with wristslaps and bailouts.  It is a danger to the economy and to the public." 

Jesse, Moral Hazard, 22 March 2008


"I told you once that I was searching for the nature of evil.  I think I've come close to defining it: a lack of empathy.  It's the one characteristic that connects all the defendants.  A genuine incapacity to feel with their fellow man.  Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy."

 Gustave M. Gilbert, prison psychologist at Nuremburg


“Similarly this applies to those who are fearful, for they are so gripped by their own worries that they ignore the suffering of others.” 

Thomas Aquinas


Stocks managed to claw back into the green after another volatile day. 

Gold and silver were hit again.

The Dollar chopped sideways.

We will be getting the January Non-Farm Payrolls report next Friday.

Have a pleasant weekend.