29 November 2022

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Wohin Bringt Ihr Uns?


"In 1927, a Virginia court determined Carrie Buck would be the first person sterilized under Virginia's new law, because she was said to be incorrigible and had a child out of wedlock.  After appeals, the case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, where in an 8-1 decision, Buck v. Bell upheld the Virginia Sterilization Act, saying it did not violate the due process clause of the 14th Amendment.

Six years after the Supreme Court decision, Hitler's Nazi Party enacted its own version, called the Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases.  This led to the forced sterilization of more than 2 million Germans over the next 12 years."

Hadamar: The Forgotten Holocaust

"Those who are at present so eager to be reconciled with the world at any price must take care not to be reconciled with it under this particular aspect: as the nest of The Unspeakable.  This is what too few are willing to see."

Thomas Merton

“Religion used to be the opium of the people.  To those suffering humiliation, pain, illness, and serfdom, religion promised the reward of an after life.  But now we are witnessing a transformation: a true opium of the people is the belief in nothingness after death, the huge solace, the huge comfort of thinking that for our betrayals, our greed, our cowardice, our murders, that we are not going to be judged.”

Czeslaw Milosz, The Discreet Charm of Nihilism

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