22 April 2024

Stocks and Precious Metals Charts - Pillaging for Profits


"The financial asset bubbles since the turn of the 21st century have been enabled by four basic instruments of monetary policy error:  Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, and Powell.  Whether we will have a third major collapse and crash to follow this latest asset bubble, as a consequence of misguided monetary policy, economic priorities, and bank regulation is not the issue.  The question is, shall we have a system that holds together long enough to have a fourth?"

Jesse, Malice Domestic and Endless Foreign Wars, 31 July 2018

'Malice domestic' from time to time will come to you in the shape of those who would raise false issues, pervert facts, preach the gospel of hate, and minimize the importance of public action to secure human rights or spiritual ideals.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Address at the San Diego Exposition, October 2, 1935

"You might think that parking your money in a big bank like JP Morgan Chase would insulate you from fraud. It’s just the opposite. The big banks are the biggest perpetrators of financial fraud – fraud that affects millions of us, either directly or indirectly, on an ongoing basis. 

The banks engage in fraud for two reasons. First, they profit from swindling the public. Second, they can get away with it via a simple technique. They buy off the regulators with promises of enormously lucrative jobs when they leave government service, and they buy off the politicians with huge direct and indirect campaign contributions."

Laurence Kotlikoff, When Banksters Buy Regulators and Prosecutors, Forbes, October 21, 2014

“It's impossible that there could be the plague, because everyone knows that it has vanished from the West. We should not act as though half the town were threatened with death, because then it would be. Yes, everyone knew that, except the dead."

Albert Camus, The Plague

"The essential characteristic of a good and healthy ruling elite, however, is that it views itself not as a function of the monarchy or the commonwealth, but as its very meaning and highest justification, and that it therefore accepts with a good conscience the sacrifice of untold human beings who, for its sake, must be reduced and lowered to incomplete human beings, to slaves, to instruments."

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil, 1886

"It is what a person does is what defiles them. For from within, from the heart, come fraudulent schemes, immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, wicked acts, deceit, outrageous behavior, selfishness, slander, arrogant pride, and profane disrespect. All these things come from within, and they are what corrupts them."

Mark 7:20-23


Stocks rallied today, in what may reasonably be termed a 'relief rally' from a short term oversold condition.

Gold and silver were sold, as there will be a option expiration for the precious metal futures contracts this coming Thursday the 25th.

VIX fell.

The Dollar chopped sideways.

We deserve better than this.  But we will not obtain it easily. 

“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. Intellectual myopia, often called stupidity, is no doubt a reason. But the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-given right."

John Kenneth Galbraith

Have a pleasant evening.