13 May 2009

Fiscal Meltdown Will Test the Bond and the Dollar to the Breaking Point

Don't blame the Democrats alone for this. Instead blame a political system that is corrupted by Wall Street and lobbyist money, and a mainstream media dominated by four corporations feeding a stream of managed news and perception spin to gullible US households.

The day of reckoning is nearly at hand, in which the currency crisis in the US will shake the financial foundations of the global economy.

"Outlays are rising at 17% YOY the fastest nominal pace since late 1981. With receipts falling 14.6% YOY their fastest drop in at least 40 years the gap between their growth rates is also the widest in the record.

All these rates are accelerating and are threatening to push the deficit to more than 50% of receipts and - at $1.1 trillion and rising - to more than 10% of private GDP."
Thanks to Sean Corrigan at Diapason Trading for this chart.