16 September 2009

Long Term Gold Chart Targets 1325

Someone asked for a long term chart in gold.

Projecting this leg in the gold bull market has been of keen interest to us on one dimension, since we do have some trading activity in our own account. However, on the long term for our core positions it is of no more interest now than it was when gold was trading at 550, 450, or even 250. Gold is in a bull market, and you never give up your core positions in a bull market. You can trade around them if you are an aggressive trader.

As an aside, to anyone who can read a chart and as you can plainly see for youself, gold is in an obvious bull market. If you are dealing with someone who says it is not then they can only a) be incapable of reading a chart, b) be blinded by a mistaken belief, or c) be talking their or someone else's book. There seem to be a few analysts, never bullish on gold in a spectacular bull market, working for major gold trading houses, that fit into this last category.

So, gold appears to be targeting somewhere just north of 1300 for this leg of its bull market. As it says on the chart, this is a LONG term projection, and it should therefore be expected to play out over the LONG term.

The lower bound on gold on these formations is higher than 925 so we would not expect gold to trade lower than that while these formations are 'working.'

Every bull market has its 'wall of worry.' Gold certainly has its own. Its price increases are being met with fierce opposition by four or five US Wall Street banks who are increasing their paper shorts against it to record numbers.

The game of Wall Street is misdirection and mischief using paper and the control of information. Yesterday's US retail sales data was a nice example of the partnership in deception between Wall Street and Washington to deceive the people for a variety of motives, some well-intentioned and some merely venal.

For this reason the Bankers and the statists hate gold, because it defies their control, and that of the money manipulators, those who would control nations and the many by controlling their money.