01 October 2009

The Utility of Gold and Silver Over the Past 200 Years

A bit of an oversimplification as one might expect for a short video, but rather effective in making its several of its points. Some interesting data as well.

Warren Buffett has asked "What utility does gold have?"

Since his views are respected and he is unusually successful, it is important to consider this question.

The utility of gold is that it resists the manipulation of the statists, which is why they hate it. It provides a store of wealth that is difficult for the state to confiscate through debasement. Gold and silver have represented the instruments of freedom and safety, a secure store of wealth, for individuals faced with adversity and uncertainty over thousands of years.

For quite some time the various pieces of evidence with regard to the Central Banks and gold have been becoming public. It seems to this reader, based on a careful search and consideration of the facts, that the attempt to control the price of gold and to a lesser extent silver by some of the Banks, led by the Brits and the Yanks, is almost certain as an adjunct in their efforts at financial engineering.

But the Banks are failing. They are failing in particular since the market break of 2000 when the first of the post Asian financial crisis bubbles collapsed. They are being broken, once again, by the physical buying coming in particular from Asia and Europe, where currency risk is a familiar concept. Most American go through their lives never having handled another currency except the dollar, and their education in finance, and even their own history, is sadly lacking. For them, the US dollar is the monetary alpha and the omega, and its decline is incomprehensible.

We are now in the midst of a new financial bubble in world equity markets, and it too will collapse.

This is not to say the future will be straightforward and simple. It will not.

People sometmes worry about government confiscation. Since gold no longer has any official status in the US except as private property, this is a bit of a red herring. True, government can try to seize any of your private property not just gold. It can try to force you to wear a number, or imbed a chip in your head, to buy and sell, it can even try to pack you on a freight train for resettlement in New Mexico. The question is not what the state can try to do, but rather, what you will let them do and how you will respond to it.

At the moment the US dollar remains the linchpin of the Anglo-American financial oligarchy. That is it failing is probably one of the great issues facing world stability today.

Right now the Dollar is the subject of an aggressive carry trade, with traders selling it short to buy other assets. This obviously sets up the potential for another short term dollar squeeze such as we saw last year when the Eurobanks were devastated by the failure of the toxic dollar assets on their balance sheets which had to be paid in full in dollars to their depositors.

A reversal in the dollar and the collapse of carry trade would shake world equity markets to their core as the gamblers are forced to unwind positions. The vampire squid and associates would probably benefit, but many would suffer. In today's environment, that makes the possibility of this happening even more likely in our book.

But then again, sometimes things do go down into a long spiral, and finally are priced at 30 on a Friday, and open up on Monday at 2, or 'no bids.' It happens. But usually it happens in slow motion at first with national currencies. It is much easier to boil a batch of frogs slowly than to wade in and start chopping heads.

Likelihood is a dollar rally at some point if stocks start unwinding. And then things get interesting, and ugly. Not with a bounce, but a 'splat,' with interest rates running to levels that would make your jaw drop.

For a longer view and a warning likely to fall on deaf ears, the more the oligarchs and elitists take the world's people through these cycles, the greater they need to pay attention to one lesson that ripples throughout history: the trick is not only how to make a great fortune through theft and trickery, but how to hold on to it, and very likely your life, when the tide turns and the people have finally had enough.

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