04 November 2009

Foreign Holdings of US Dollar Assets

Roughly analagous to Eurodollars, although it is not clear how much if any of the central bank reserves are actually captured here in these reports by BIS reporting commercial banks, especially in China and the non-European countries. Certainly the NY Fed Custodial Accounts for Foreign Central Banks show no decline whatsoever from the long term trend of accumulation to support their mercantilism and currency pegs.

But the takeway from this chart is that a long term trend of dollar accumulation was broken, and rather painfully, in the deflating of the Wall Street financial assets fraud.

One might not expect the Europeans and Asians to accept new financial instruments in dollars quite so readily. The US seems intent on maintaining a few mega-banks to serve as "competitive" instruments of national policy on the world financial stage.

They may find that maintaining the banks and their particular weapons of financial mass destruction may be just as costly as 700 military bases in diverse locations. Such are the burdens of empire.