04 March 2010

Russia Continues to Build Its Gold Reserves Ahead of the SDR Discussions

Thanks to Dave at Golden Truth for this updated chart.

As you know, Russia, India, China and some of the BRIC-like countries will continue to push hard for a gold and silver content in the new formulation of the SDR this year. The US and UK are vehemently opposed.

Europe is still wallowing in confusion and is virtually leaderless, as the most recent financial crisis in Greece shows. This may not be all bad, because it highlights the weaknesses in their union, and gives them the incentive to take it to the next step.

One cannot have a common currency with uncommon fiscal policies and laws. While there is some room for discretion, it is sorely tried in changing economic conditions and social attitudes. America went through a bloody Civil War for this reason.

This is why a one world currency, except for international trade only and at the discretion of trading partners, is so dangerous. One cannot maintain their sovereign freedom when someone else controls the supply of their money: either you cheat or you submit. All serious economists understand this; too few of the voting public do.

What Will the World Currency Become? The Stakes Are Enormous

And the Winner Is...the SDR?

This is the fallacy of the US dollar as the reserve currency for the world. It 'worked' as even Mr. Greenspan noted, as long as the US dollar was able to demonstrate the objective stability of an external gold standard relative to other currencies. That lasted for a few years, and the rest is foreign policy and currency wars. The time for its replacement is long past. The BRIC's understand this, and are playing their hands accordingly.

If one submits to a single world or regional currency for domestic use, they may as well take their constitutions and individual rights and throw them away. And globalization has been serving as a proxy for this, paving the way.

Gold and Economic Freedom: Did Greenspan Know What He Was Doing? - ZeroHedge

The moves here are slow and subtle, since great nations are involved. I get the impression, though, that most traders are playing checkers at a chess match. Well, that works for the daytrade. But only time will tell what will happen, and when. But sometimes events can break free and move quickly. Best to gather those nickles off the freeway before the rush hour commences.

Or as the man behind the .50 cal would say, 'Git some. Come git some.'