21 June 2010

Net Asset Values of Precious Metal Trusts and Funds in an Option Expiration Week

Although there will be plenty of commentary seeking some 'fundamental' reason for this pullback in gold and silver, I was looking for it, and noted last week that this week is the option expiration for the July contracts on the COMEX.

This is the kind of weakness I like to buy in adding to the 'long gold / short stocks' hedge I am running. It takes some guts but that is why we use charts to help take the emotion out of your decision and maintain a perspective. It also helps to ignore non-sensical forecasts and book-talking from chatboards and analysts who live in perpetual fantasies that come alive periodically when the market gives them a random nod. If you really want to see the worst in human nature, become a trader.

It really is that obvious anymore. Words like 'malfeasance' or at least 'nonfeasance' in office come to mind when considering the regulators at the CFTC and the SEC, their bosses, and the appropriate oversight in the Congress.

When there is a default on delivery, as I suspect there will be, I would hope that the usual 'non-involvement' and personal incompetency defenses will not be so easily accepted by a long-suffering public.

As a reminder, the GTU shelf offering closes on June 23.