15 October 2010

Option Expiration and A Few Dates and Facts Worth Noting

As a reminder today is stock option expiration in the States.

Precious metals options expiration for November will be next week.

The US 2010 elections will be held on the first Tuesday in November which is the 2nd.

The Federal Reserve will be meeting on Wednesday 3 November, and is widely expected to be announcing a new quantitative easing program, particularly after the preface which Mr. Bernanke delivered today.

As an aside October 2010 is unusual in that it contains five full weekends, a welcome rest before the great events to come.

This is among my favorite times of the year, as the heat of summer gives way to the pleasant warm days and cool nights of autumn, and expectations of the harvest holidays and family gatherings rise, culminating in Christmas week and the beginning of a new year. The cycle of nature cares little for the comings and goings of men.

And finally, an interesting graph showing the percentage of gold as an investment in global portfolios.