15 October 2010

Weekend Reading

If US based readers have spare time and four dollars it might be worth the effort to read this book. Its a fun read for the gold bugs, and is what I used to call 'airplane and waiting room' reading. Not strenuous but a good divert and an engaging story. Not to give it away, but I thought his gambit with the bags of silver coins was clever but somewhat implausible.

Full Faith and Credit by James R. Cook

If you are up for something more intellectually engaged and you can find them read When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson and Debt and Delusion by Peter Warburton.

I was in Moscow doing business when the rouble was dying after the collapse of the Soviet Empire. It made a lasting impression especially to see how the common person was reacting to it, each in their own way. A true vignette of human nature.