28 July 2011

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - The Collapse of the US Dollar Against Silver

“I have not sold any gold, I have bought more gold. If gold goes down I'll buy more. The price of gold is going to go much, much higher over the next decade.”

Jimmy Rogers

I suspect that the capping on gold and silver will continue into the month end tomorrow, and quite likely into some resolution of the debt ceiling discussions which will probably occur next week. They might not, and that will indeed be interesting. The Mad Hatter and his Merry Pranksters think that a 'little default' might be a good thing to make the country more malleable to their non-negotiable demands.

On a deal, the first impulse will be for stocks to rally sharply and the metals get beaten, in the usual 'risk on' trade. However, depending on the resolution of the debt ceiling, when people think of it after they have had their jollies in the first reaction, they may realize that absolutely nothing has really been fixed. The US financial system will still be corrupt and broken, and the politicians have openly stopped caring about the voting public and their opinions, in their desire to put on the corporate feedbag.

Speaking of broken systems, I am featuring worthless currencies on the sidebar this week. And one I am highlighting below, the famous US Continental Dollar, and a chart showing how it was devalued in comparison to silver, until it was finally withdrawn in 1781. Roughly two zeros were knocked off it.

I was discussing this with a friend and they said, 'Well of course, but these currency failures are the result of unfunded war debts. It is not the same in the US now.'

It's not? The US debt crisis is directly attributable to unpaid war debts, both class war and military conflicts in the famous global war on terror and on the middle class. They'll never learn.

Bon voyage, Bucky.