29 July 2011

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - A Whiff of TARP in the Air - VIX

There will be no sustained recovery until the banks are restrained, and the financial system is reformed.

VIX spiked and the traders are edgy, but there remains a widespread belief in a cynical resolution.  I have a suspicion that the US is being brought to a crisis so that the bankers, through their political proxies in Washington, may make the people another offer which they cannot refuse.

In other words, there is 'a whiff of TARP in the air.'

I had to chuckle again a bit as the pampered princes and princesses on Bloomberg were puzzled by the weak GDP number this morning in the light of 22 percent rises in corporate profits.

If something looks too good to be true, guess what. But what else would one expect in a system of lax regulation, crony capitalism, massive corporate tax evasion, corrupt regulators and ratings agencies, and widespread accounting fraud?

"That brings us to the final outcome of this debacle. A radical campaign to reshape popular opinion recognized the seductive potential of the appealing phrase "free markets." Powerful business interests, largely captured regulators and officials, and a lapdog media took up this amorphous, malleable idea and made it a Trojan horse for a three-decade-long campaign to tear down the rules that constrained the finance sector. The result has been a massive transfer of wealth, with its centerpiece the greatest theft from the public purse in history.

This campaign has been far too consistent and calculated to brand it with the traditional label "spin". This manipulation of public perception can only be called propaganda. Only when we, the public, are able to call the underlying realities by their proper names—extortion, looting, capture, propaganda—can we begin to root them out."

Yves Smith, Econned