22 March 2012

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Poltergeist, the Presidency

The political demonstrators of days gone by, when people actually cared about things,  assumed a posture of non-violence.

The leadership class of today has adopted a culture of general non-involvement in almost everything about what they have agreed, or even sworn, to do, except collecting enormous paychecks for not doing it, of course.

When anything goes wrong, none of the leaders knows anything, and no one in charge is involved. Money vaporizes, people disappear, decade long wars continue on, and things just happen by themselves.

A person elected on a reform platform of change immediately brings back the people who created the problem in the first place, and smothers most of the impulse for reform, cutting deals and giving it away to a renegade business class and their representatives. He accepts massive campaign contributions from those he was hired to bring to justice, prosecuting no one. 

And one of his top financial advisors and campaign fund raisers, considered a top candidates for Treasury Secretary, presides over an abuse of customer funds so repugnant and rarely done that even Wall Street recoils in horror.

And yet his opponent, the pre-selected alternative, is from that very same predatory class, with a penchant for forgetting almost everything he has ever said or done in the past whenever he chooses, even denying things that he has said just yesterday, where it is not possible to claim non-involvement due to a preoccupation or some random out of body experience.  His own people liken his record to a slate, which can be wiped clean at will.

And amongst his peers he is the one judged to be 'most reliable.'   Are the American people gone barking mad?

Its like a very bad sequel to the long national nightmare from which people thought they had just escaped.  We are bit players and extras in Poltergeist, the Presidency.  And no matter who is elected, they keep coming back.