23 June 2013

Glenn Greenwald Interviewed by David Gregory on 'Meet the Press' This Morning

Not the finest moment for the national mainstream media.

Please know that Glenn Greenwald is a regular writer for The Guardian newspaper, and has been reporting on certain policy issues for years. 

I found it repulsive that David Gregory could question Greenwald's right to the title of 'journalist,' preferring to label him a 'polemicist.' Is that because Greenwald was never a stand-in for Don Imus' morning talk show like David Gregory had been?

Where are the journalism schools in this time of official assault on their profession?

Gregory resorts to the bullyboy 'questioning' style in which statements and assumptions are first put forward as if they are true, to provoke a reaction of the person being questioned.  It is often saved for those whom the network views as undesirable, and in a weaker power position.

Television national broadcast media often resembles entertainment and infomercials moreso than straight journalism.    And it is little wonder why so many are turning to alternative sources for real news.
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”

George Orwell
This is like some bad version of The Hunger Games.

Here is a link to the complete show.

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