15 June 2013

Physical vs. Paper: The Shanghai Gold Exchange vs. the COMEX

When push comes to shove, the COMEX is only pushing paper.

Weighed, and found wanting.

Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE)

Weekly Gold Delivery From Shanghai Gold Exchange Vaults

Weekly Gold Delivery From Vault

The above graph of physical gold delivery out of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) vaults was prepared by @KoosJansen based on the weekly reports from the Chinese portion of the SGE site. The SGE has confirmed these are deliveries from the vault and the numbers are updated on a weekly basis (each Friday). I will publish the links to the exact Chinese pages next week and will ensure there is updated weekly delivery data available here.

Physical Delivery From Vault: SGE vs COMEX

Monthly Physical Delivery From Vault: SGE Versus COMEX

The above graph of monthly gold delivery from vault demonstrates very clearly what many have expressed repeatedly on sites such as KingWorldNews -- the COMEX is a paper gold market while the SGE is quite clearly a world class market for physical gold.

Source: GoldMiner Pulse