02 April 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - 340,200 Ounces of Gold Claimed So Far In April

There was intraday commentary on the moral blindness of the US and UK financial establishment and ruling elites here.  

So far in April 3,402 gold contracts have been 'stopped,' that is, holders of those contacts have stood for delivery of the 100 oz bars each contract represents.

There are more than enough ounces at the Comex in the deliverable category now at 876,637 ounces. 

This is just part of the paper shell game, but it is interesting to watch its progress.  After all, 340,200 ounces of gold is only about 10.6 metric tonnes.  Cumulative physical gold delivery in Shanghai alone last year was well over 2,000 tonnes.

Have you ever wondered how a relatively small force, the British East India company and later the British Raj, was able to control the Indian sub-continent?   Perhaps that is how New York and London are able to govern the world market for gold, and thereby the foundations of money.

Non-Farm Payrolls on Friday.  The stock market seems a bit 'puffy' here, and complacent.

Have a pleasant evening.