03 April 2014

Rickards: Collapse of International Money System - Not Apocalypse, But a Change

I am glad that Rickards came out and said this more clearly. I get worried emails from people from time to time, and I remind them that there is nothing we are facing or are likely to face, outside of an all out nuclear war, that was not faced by our fathers and grandfathers who faced two World Wars and a Great Depression in between.  

It seems more frightening now because we are more aware, and we are 'carrying the ball' and are noticing more things.  When they are young, most people don't pay attention to much that happens above the waist, unless it is on the radio or TV and is said by entertainers, or on reality shows.  I'm talking about their wallets, shame on you.  When you are young you are always broke.

I myself have lived through at least one major monetary crisis, quite a few minor ones, an oil embargo, three financial crises, and five major wars. I saw the collapse of a major developed country's currency close up when I was doing business in Moscow and the ruble had to be withdrawn and reissued with a couple of zeroes knocked off. It was wild times there. But life went on, and goes on still.

So take a deep breath, and listen to this as information, and some facts with which to prepare, and not as a portent of doom. Every generation faces the same sort of coming of age from what I can tell, where the history experienced by their forbearers suddenly becomes more than a story, and all too real for them.

I am more concerned about the love of otherwise good people growing cold, and their hearts hardening, and sins against the Spirit, the madness of the sociopaths spreading to a wider swath of misguided but otherwise gentle people, the fashionableness of injustice and growing tolerance for corruption, the plight of the unfortunate and the careless arrogance of the fortunate,  the future of the vulnerable among us, and some of the hard truths of diseases that still elude a cure, than I am worried about Mad Max coming to town.

Forget the fear-mongering. Bad things do happen, but we will manage on as we have always done, because life and the Spirit are resilient.
"And though the last lights off the black West went
Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs—
Because the Holy Ghost over the bent
World broods with warm breast and with ah!— bright wings."
Here is some knowledge.