10 September 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Do Something

There was intraday commentary on the moral hazard of applying selective justice to the TBTF Banks here.

I recommend that you read it. And if you find what it says to be useful, perhaps you might consider giving it a wider audience as you can here and there.

You might consider doing it with other things from like-minded people that you find to be useful. It is a little thing to do, but it is something and better than nothing. Others use donations which are appropriate for their own situations and efforts, and you might wish to consider supporting them in this even if it is in a small way.  You may not be able to stand up and speak, but you can provide some small comfort and support for those that do.   

And as for us, remember me in your prayers, as I will remember you.  The need is great and will be greater.  This is our currency, and it has no other counterparty but the Lord.

Have a pleasant evening