24 September 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Options Expiration on the Comex Tomorrow

As a reminder, tomorrow is an option expiration for gold and silver October contracts on the Comex.

There was intraday commentary here. The gold that was smuggled into India the other week is greater than all the registered gold on the Comex. And there is much more upcoming for the festival season.  This is a world of tails wagging dogs.  But they think they have the tails to do it.

I get the sense that the pigmen are scared.  Now what they may fear is another question.  Perhaps they are afraid of spraining their knee from repeatedly kicking the markets in the ass towards whatever direction they prefer at that time. Or perhaps they are staring into the abyss once again, and feeling the edge growing nearer.  It is hard to say. 

There was further intraday commentary here introducing a video from Nomi Prins about why the Anglo-Americans have such a keen interest in certain locales like the Ukraine and Syria she calls 'gateways.'   

There was nothing much of interest happening yesterday on the carney game called the Comex, that paragon of transparent price discovery. hah!
The Gold/Silver ratio is an eye popping 68.9.   And silver is about as consistently oversold as I have seen it.  I will be looking for another buy point here for my silver positions.

It is hard not to suspect that there is more to many of these things than meets the eye.  We have been lied to so consistently that it does well to maintain a very active skepticism about all these things that don't add up, and seem to come at us out of nowhere.

The professionals have taken over the management of the country and the economy, and they are not inclined to discuss the issues with common shareholders, much less the unimportant person on the street who is walking around waving an empty wallet and a pretty much meaningless vote.

Time to get your hearts and heads right.

Have a pleasant evening.