24 September 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Wall Street Celebrates

New home sales came in seasonally hot this morning.

Wall Street took the opportunity to start a new wash cycle going, and stocks were in rally mode most of the day, with the SP futures leading the charge higher.

My seller's regret on that big volatility position I unloaded the other day was greatly exaggerated. lol.

So what next?

Alibaba has been successfully taken to market, with about $300 or more million going into Wall Street's pocket.  And so the Banks bid its investors farewell and good luck.  .

Western leaders are doing as they are told, and all the enablers are behaving, from the courts to the academies.

The masters of disasters are back in the driver's seat again.

What could go wrong?

Have a pleasant evening.

Bye bye Alibaba!   We win again!  Yay us!