08 September 2014

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Abide

Gold and silver had the usual hit today, that was almost perfunctory in its routineness.  That did not make it any less obvious. I am sure that they can rattle off a hundred rationales to support their actions for the good of others. That they happen to benefit is merely incidental.

There is quiet panic in the banks and the boardrooms, make no mistake of that.  Russia has them perplexed.  China has them confused.  The rest of the world holds them in contempt.  Most with eyes open can see their falsehoods. 

Their fabrications grow increasingly transparent.  Force is extended to make up for the weakness of the fraud.  Their empire of deceits are pervasive and fearsome in their shamelessness. 

How and when this will end, no one can say.

For now we must be waitful and watchful.

'At this moment we are the anvil, rather than the hammer.'

There was intraday commentary that may be worth reading.

Have a pleasant evening.