08 September 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - The Age of the Thing

"Greetings citizens.
We are living in the age,
in which the pursuit of all values
other than
money, success, fame, glamour
have either been discredited or destroyed.

money, success, fame, glamour,
for we are living in the age of the thing.

money, success, fame, glamour..."

Macaulay Culkin et al., Party Monster

"The perpetrators were scholars, doctors, nurses, justice officials, the police and the health and workers’ administration.

The victims were poor, desperate, rebellious or in need of help. They came from psychiatric clinics and childrens hospitals, from old age homes and welfare institutions, from military hospitals and internment camps.

The number of victims is huge, the number of offenders who were sentenced, small."

Commemorative Tablet at Tiergartenstraße 4, Berlin

The banality of evil is alive and well in our culture of death, that measures everything in dollars, and values nothing that is human for its own sake, whether it be truth, or beauty, or goodness.

That it is banal does not mean it cannot be noisy.  That it wears a hand tailored suit instead of a uniform does not make it any less vulgar,  capable of causing great misery and destruction.  That it speaks with sophistication or cleverness does not makes its words any less poisonous.  That it will eventually destroy itself in the future does not detract from its power to taint and corrupt in the present.  That it reaches out remotely, by force and fraud, to throttle and kill its victims does not make its hands any less bloody.

Even that consummate anti-human evil on earth did not begin by writing off 47 percent of the people as less than human, as life unworthy of life.  As if any number of human lives could be justified by the godlike delusions of these narcissistic sociopaths.

Markets moved sideways today, with the SP down a bit and the tech heavy NDX up a bit.

Wall Street is rolling out the barrel for the Alibaba IPO.

Consumer Credit growth came in greater than expected.

Have a pleasant evening.