11 September 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Stick Save In Pigland

Stocks were wobbly for most of the day as the US administration is once again beating the drums of endless war.

And it did not help that the economic numbers this morning came in a bit weakly, with initial unemployment claims a bit on the high side.

But these daily numbers do not mean all that much. What is of much more concern is the instability in the world, that I would suggest is an artifact of the 'currency war.'

And of course the currency war is almost beyond a doubt one manifestation of the impulse of the North Atlantic elite political power structure's attempt to make this 'the Anglo-American Century.'  

The pampered classes have lost their grip on the traditional colonial empire, and seem to be seeking to maintain and recreate it in a broader, more financialized guise.

Let's see how this works itself out.

Have a pleasant evening.