05 December 2014

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - If You Want It Here It Is Come and Get It

"Backed not only by his party but by thousands who had belonged to other parties or belonged to no party at all, Andrew Jackson was compelled to fight every inch of the way for the ideals and the policies of the Democratic Republic which was his ideal. An overwhelming proportion of the material power of the Nation was arrayed against him.

The great media for the dissemination of information and the molding of public opinion fought him.  Haughty and sterile intellectualism opposed him.  Musty reaction disapproved him.  Hollow and outworn traditionalism shook a trembling finger at him.  It seemed sometimes that all were against him—all but the people of the United States.

Because history so often repeats itself, let me analyze further. Andrew Jackson stands out in the century and a half of our independent history not merely because he was two-fisted, not merely because he fought for the people's rights, but because, through his career, he did as much as any man in our history to increase, on the part of the voters, knowledge of public problems and an interest in their solution.

Following the fundamentals of Jefferson, he adhered to the broad philosophy that decisions made by the average of the voters would be more greatly enduring for, and helpful to, the Nation than decisions made by small segments of the electorate representing small or special classes endowed with great advantages of social or economic power."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
A reckoning is coming.  It will be the point of our greatest danger. 
And greatest opportunity if we maintain ourselves on the way of morality and justice, and avoid becoming what we hate.

Have a pleasant weekend.