29 January 2015

NAV Premiums of Precious Metal Trusts and Funds - Post FOMC Antics

My comment from last night remains just as applicable today:
"And you might wonder that gold did not participate in the safe haven move.  And unless you have been listening to what I have been saying here, you will not understand it.  The Western central banks are loathe to allow gold and silver to run free, because it would hamper their fiat financial engineering.

That their schemes will collapse on their own is probably a good bet.  But they are more than willing to expend their energies on hiding their mistakes in the meantime, rather than fixing the real problems.

No wonder the vast portion of the world that is not among the 'attendant nations' to the New American Century is recoiling in disgust from the antics that the Fed and its Banks have been playing with the dollar."