29 January 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Love That Shake Shack

Stocks were in the dumps most of the day, despite the 'better than expected' new unemployment claims report that was probably some kind of seasonal anomaly, but let's keep an open mind on that one.

Stocks found a footing and rallied into the afternoon, finishing in the green.

There were a lot of earnings reports in hot stocks after the bell. GOOG missed everything, AMZN hit EPS but missed the topline, but said good things about their margins, VISA is splitting. Yowza yowzers, get yer hot stocks and nekkid ladies.

Perhaps more importantly, Shake Shack is pricing its IPO tonight, and the Street has to make it look good to take it to market.

And besides, the Fed cannot have the markets selling off, even if their policy guidance was banal and largely ineffective.

Let's see how the macroeconomic issue sort themselves out, and not forgetting the geopolitical issues. This will help us to keep some sort of equilibrium in all this carney noise.