26 February 2015

Gold Daily And Silver Weekly Charts - Where Your Treasure Is, There Your Heart Will Be

The economic news was a mixed bag this morning, but given that the volumes were light, the technical trade prevailed.

Forget Greece, forget the Ukraine, and forget the joblessness and misery of many.

Forget short circuited reform, and misplaced policies, failed regulation, and rigged markets.

The Big Tickle today was Nasdaq 5000.  This is the imperative of bubble-nomics.
The Fed is not independent.  It tolerates the Congress, but it is owned by the Banks.  And the point of the spear is the NY Fed which is wholly a child of Wall Street.
The Dow Industrials and the SP 500 were negative most of the day and went out in the red, but the Nasdaq was clicking away bright green, pushing hard uphill for the Nasdaq 5000 headline, the better to lure you in and eat you with, my dears.

Gold and silver did the usual overnight rally with a smackdown by London and New York.

There are quite a few odd things going on. I don't know if you get the sense of it, but things just don't add up.

The average person who just scans the headines each day might not catch it, but do you follow the actual facts of things closely enough to get the feeling that not all is right, that not everything you are being told is 'square' and on the level?

I certainly do, but maybe that's just me, and I could be wrong.  But things seem to be backwards.

GDP revision tomorrow.

Have a pleasant evening.