26 February 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Pushing For Nasdaq 5000 Or Bust

The Dow Industrial and the SP 500 were negative for the better part of the day, and decidedly so at times.

But the NDX and the cash Nasdaq were positive. Why was this?

The volumes on the Street are light, and the wiseguys are pushing tech hard to try and get that headline 5000 number on the cash NASDAQ.

And that's the name of that tune.
I remember talking to the brokers after the go-go 1960's gave way to the grinding bear market bust of the mid 1970s.   When will the Dow Industrials crack 1,000 again?  The last time it had been around 1962.  When will the 'small investor' return to the market?
This might be the kinds of conversations we will be having in the 2020's about Nasdaq 5000.  Unless we just inflate it all away.

Retailers earnings after the bell tonight.
The story of Greece Agnoistes is far from over.  There are twists and turns ahead in that epic tale, and the unfolding story of modern Europe.
And the clash of civilizations.
GDP revision tomorrow.

Have a pleasant evening.


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