24 March 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Hope and Redemption


Thanks for the kind words from those who were concerned by my absence yesterday. It really was not all that much.

The family came down, one by one it seemed, with a 36 hour virus that was almost like a concentrated, flu-like illness.

The aches and chills, and inability to eat, or to hold on to any nourishment taken even in liquid form, were trying to say the least. There are certain foods that I had on Sunday afternoon that I should not like to see or taste again for quite some time. Ouch, and when I laugh now my ribs really hurt!

But at least we still have a warm home filled with warm hearts that care for one another. My goddaughter and I were the last to become ill on late Sunday afternoon, and by then my wife and son were already past the worst of it. I was attentive to both of them, because my wife in particular is recovering from thoracic surgery and I was concerned with her health and comfort. But that ability to share, that loving comfort, is a real joy and a genuine gift and consolation, because this sort of physical illness passes quickly enough.

There are those whose illness is a sickness unto death, the hell of being unable to love and to be loved. They are deep wells of alternating despair, rage, and fear, that bubble over like a boiling geyser of dark emotions.

How terrible it must be-- suffering, without hope or redemption. I cannot imagine anything worse.

Remember the poor during this season, but also those who suffer the worst poverty of all, that is, the inability to love. There are worst things that the temporary inability to accept and retain nourishment, although it may not seems that way when it is upon us.

Hope and redemption. These are the great gifts of Easter. The tomb is empty, and death is overthrown, and we are the heirs to eternal life. How can anyone ask for more?

Have a pleasant evening.