10 April 2015

Credibility Trap: Moving Beyond Corporatism and Corruption

The heart of the problem is that because of the credibility trap, we have never had a proper public discussion on what went wrong with the policies of the US.  The apathy of the people enables this.

Oh yes, there are plenty of staged discussions in the media, where two paid talking heads and a moderator who carefully stages the parameters and definition of the 'discussion' shout slogans past one another that play to the emotions of their deeply polarized and propagandized constituencies.

Since we have not yet been able to speak frankly and openly about the massive fraud and abundant soft and overt corruption of the political and professional class, there can be no meaningful reform. Until one admits they have a problem and are able to face it, they cannot begin to address it.  

So like any other type of hopeless addict, the US and much of its client states in the West will most likely have to finally hit rock bottom before they can begin to face their addiction to deceit and corruption, money and power. This will be difficult because so many of those who control the platforms for the conversation about corruption are also those hands are dirty with it, either by participation or acquiescence. It is the same phenomenon that compels a country to remain in protracted, winless wars long beyond any rational expectation of 'victory.' 

 And this is the credibility trap.

It is the widespread corruption and cowing of the professional class in a society that sets the stage for the madness of the mob.

It is foolish to hope that the plunderers of society will some day have enough, and come to their senses. They are not rational, but pathological, and their only impulse is to want 'more.'   They will not stop until someone finally moves to stop them. But like battered spouses and ashamed parents we cannot even bear to raise the subject.

Perhaps the children will ask the right questions, since the adults are too diverted, preoccupied, and fearful.