10 April 2015

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - Bubble On - Weekend at Bennie's

Stock and bond valuations are high, and 'The Recovery' is flopping around, and the Fed is expending enormous resources to keep Wall Street and the TBTF Banks standing upright like a Weekend at Bernie's.  
The subsidies to the financial sector will continue until pitchforks and torches appear.

But the money masters would like higher rates, and an ever stronger dollar. The better this will serve to let them roam about overseas and across the land, picking up income producing assets on the cheap.
Stronger dollars they get interest free, and economically weaker prey--  a win win!

I would feel better if they just said they will raise rates a couple of times just for the hell of it, or because the Banks want it.  And that it won't matter anyway because none of the stimulus is making it down to the general public.  Their concern for the economy is all just for show. 

Next week should cast some light on earnings and on the wobbly state of the economy.  Not that it will make any difference in Bankland.

Have a pleasant weekend.