08 June 2015

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Restless

"For we know that the whole of creation groans and suffers in the pains of expectation, as of childbirth, together until now."

The precious metals were 'hung over' from the drubbing they took last week in honor of the Non-Farm Payrolls Report.
There was intraday commentary on the gold market and the currency war here.  It is probably important for you to read this, as it is one explanation of what and why things are happening as they are.  This is an essential step in determining where they might go next.

There was no appreciable activity in The Bucket Shops warehouses last Friday.
There seems to be quite a bit of dishonesty and turmoil these days.   The discrepancy between how things are described, and how they really are for most of us, is greater than I remember it for some time.
No wonder people are restless.
Have a pleasant evening.