05 February 2016

SP 500 and NDX Futures Daily Charts - That's Key Support, Bring On Next Week

Nice economic recovery.   Not.

Stocks have fallen to key support.  I still think the SP 500 is forming a symmetrical triangle or a bear flag with more downside to come, but we'll have to see how next week goes.

There will be no sustainable recovery until there is meaningful financial and economic reform.

The natives are restless, but confused.  And so the outcome is uncertain.

And if we listen to the well spun lies and vote in another 'establishment' candidate in a hope for change, while they have been bought and paid for by big money, backed by their respective political machines that have become so horribly compromised by the soft corporate bribery that passes under the label of 'campaign contributions,' then we we most certainly see no real reform, and no recovery.

Have a pleasant weekend.