03 June 2016

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - And At Last the Weekend

Gold and silver jumped like scalded cats this morning when the Non-Fulltime Payrolls report came in shockingly low, along with a few other numbers that tend to show that the Fed is describing life on Fantasy Island in their forecasts.

There were intraday comments on the remarkable surge in June gold deliveries here.

Nice trend on the Non-Farm Payrolls, as shown in the first chart below.  I would certainly be on my guard against the economy overheating and getting ready to raise rates.   Thanks to Tony Sanders for telling me to look at those numbers.

I believe that there is an element in the financial system that is rather concerned about what gold may do if it breaks a certain level and starts to run, as it had done a couple of years ago.  And in their fears I do believe very strongly that they are mismanaging the situation and are setting up the very set of circumstances that they would most wish to avoid.  It is an old story.

Turning to other matters, at the very bottom are two of Mary's pre-operative MRIs.  I think these sorts of things are just amazing, but they are probably not well-suited for the squeamish.  When I first saw these pictures I gasped.  Well, it is gone now, and all that remains is the housekeeping, and more surveillance.  And thankfulness, as always.

And Dolly the little rescue dog has has been spayed and had her teeth cleaned yesterday at the animal hospital, with four infected teeth extracted. She really had been neglected even before being tossed out on the street in Winter.  It knocked the poor little thing for a loop, but she is recovering nicely, and is happy and comfortable with us, and we with her.  She is sleeping on a blanket now next to my wife, like two angels.

Thank God for His tender mercies.

Have a pleasant weekend.