19 April 2018

How Good Is the Corporate Establishment Media

"He [Robert McNamara] believed in what he did, and thus the morality of it was assured, and everything else fell into place.   It was all right to lie and dissemble for the right causes.  It was part of service, loyalty to the President, not to the nation, not to colleagues, it was a very special bureaucratic-corporate definition of integrity; you could do almost anything you wanted as long as it served your superior.”

David Halberstam

“How little do the lips and heart agree!
How joyfully do people break their word!
We both are strangers in a strange land.”

Jean Racine

Pretty strong commentary in this video.

I doubt that MSNBC is any worse than Fox News or Sinclair. They are all pretty bad these days, servile to money and power.

Remember the 'chair throwing' incident at the Nevada convention that was widely reported?

It is too bad that much of the establishment media is no longer a reliable source of information.

This may be the result of the concentration of the ownership of media and the overturning of the 'fairness doctrine' along with the gutting of the FCC.

'What is truth?'  asked Pilate, and then turned and washed his hands of it.

And so do we.  And that may be why we are where we are today.   Winning....