04 April 2018

William Pepper: Another Look at the Assassination of Martin Luther King

"I wound up being the last judge hearing the James Earl Ray matter: Did he in fact assassinate Dr. Martin Luther King?  And had he not died and his local attorney not died in close succession, it would have been my finding that he was not the gunman.  That Remington 760 Gamemaster they’ve got in the Civil Rights Museum is not the murder weapon. It’s not even close."

Judge Joe Brown

This is an interesting report that includes testimony from William Pepper, who is a lawyers, an anti-war journalist and friend of MLK and his family.

He is "noted for his efforts to prove government culpability and the innocence of James Earl Ray in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as the King family, in subsequent years. Pepper has also been trying to prove the innocence of Sirhan Sirhan in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy."

I was intrigued by the testimony of a judge in the matter of James Earl Ray who says that it has been proven conclusively that Ray's rifle was not the murder weapon.  He says that he would have ruled to vindicate him based on this.  Judge Brown was removed from the case for 'bias against the prosecution.'

I have not investigated this particular version of events exhaustively and offer it only as something for thought.  It relies heavily on the credibility and veracity of William Pepper and the facts as he has assembled them.

I personally agree with the results of the King family's civil action that James Earl Ray was not a lone gunman in this action.

A transcript of this video is available at The Corbett Report.