01 August 2018

Stop Thinking and Fall In Line, or Else: The Fruits of the Russia Russia Resistance

It is hard to believe that we are hearing this sort of thing presented seriously as news analysis.

Unfortunately this has become quite popular on the news media outlets that are becoming virtual fronts for various and particular political agendas.

Fox News started it, and showed that it pays.   But CNN and MSNBC have certainly jumped on the bandwagon, and are giving them a run for the money.

We live in an increasingly insubstantial economy of gigs, clicks, financial frauds, and the illusions that power them.

This is McCarthyism, the fear and derision of which has long been the shibboleth of the liberal intellectual establishment.  It is and always has been a despicable and cynical play for power popularized but not exclusive to its namesake Senator from Wisconsin.

The irony is that we become what we hate.

And as a reminder,  Bill Clinton and the GOP Congress of the 1990's, in a bipartisan effort,  placed the mainstream news media in the hands of a powerful few.