05 September 2018

Daniel Ellsberg on Whistleblowers and Journalists and Julian Assange

“The courage we need is not the fortitude to be obedient in the service of an unjust war, to help conceal lies, to do our job for a boss who has usurped power and is acting as an outlaw government.  It is the courage at last to face honestly the truth and reality of what we are doing in the world and act responsibly to change it.”

Daniel Ellsberg

Ellsberg states that "Assange, as a journalist, cannot be fairly tried under the Espionage Act."

I think the operative word there is 'fairly.'

Such a trial of a journalist, a first in our national experience, would be a watershed moment for freedom of the press, and of journalism in particular.

And further, it would be the start of a war on the press, and of a chilling intimidation on freedom of speech, and an ominous step in the direction of totalitarian government.

How ironic that the 'super-patriots' might be the ones cheering it forward, on the back of the serial expansion of this law by the phoney 'progressive' Obama.

You may find the original posting of this video at Consortium News.